The Outdoor Book Club

#1 Kate Humble, ‘Thinking on my feet’ – the book that changed my life – honestly!

Humour me guys – you know that I’m all about photographing in the great outdoors but I bet you didn’t know I’m also REALLY into books written about the great outdoors. I’m fixated with stories of climbing mountains, rewilding farms, walking rivers, exploring the countryside…because it’s never just about the landscapes. It’s more often than not about personal fulfilment and reflection and I just lurve that stuff. (And just to make me sound a bit more credible, I do have a degree in English Literature and, prior to becoming a photographer, used to work at Waterstones!)

Welcome to the first installment of The #Outdoor Book Club. Turns out that walking through the woods whilst reciting a book review is much harder than it looks. I think I just about pulled it off. You can listen to the 1-minute version of my book review. Enjoy! Hope it inspires you to get reading!