Who am I? Baby and family photographer Hampshire Berkshire Surrey

Hello, I’m a baby & family photographer and mum-of-three. I take relaxed photographs of babies and families in the great outdoors, with as little fuss and intrusion as possible.Charlotte Broster: Eversley, near Fleet, Hampshire

I’ve been a family photographer for 11 years now, based in the village of Eversley on the Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey border. I’m a real nature lover and an advocate for photographing families outdoors, where the children can throw sticks in a pond, collect pebbles, climb trees, and be free. From experience, I’ve decided that I prefer the natural backdrop which the outdoors provides us with – the colours and the textures – rather than the indoor, studio environment. Photographing families outdoors is what sets my heart alight.

Charlotte thank you once again for a great bluebell photo session. You have such a good understanding of children and are so lovely and patient. I liked that they could be themselves and you captured their natural expressions!Sarah Godwin, mum of two

As well as specialising in outdoor baby and family photography, I love to write and I pride myself on my blog which focusses on photography, nature and wellbeing. I love reading books, writing stories and travelling to new places…and of course, being a mummy to three sweet little people.