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Light and shade on the Thames Path

We’re getting there! 100 miles walked out of 184… Yup, we were back on the river. It hadn’t been easy getting out – there were birthday parties and swimming lessons, grannies visiting and little ones with coughs and colds…but it’s always like that. With six children between us, the diary is always swamped. Trying to… Read More

Still walking the Thames Path for Mind…

OK, the Thames Path isn’t exactly the wilderness! It doesn’t compare to crossing the Bayuda Desert or ascending the peaks of Nepal, but this challenge has still pushed me and Victoria out of our comfort zone. There have been moments of tenuous map reading, the scaling of inhospitable fences after taking a wrong turn, cautious… Read More

becoming The Outdoor Studio

Like a vase holding all the stalks together If you’ve been on Facebook or Instagram, you may have noticed, I’m now The Outdoor Studio. Why? I’ve been Charlotte Broster Photography for 11 years now, and it was time for a refresh. Out with the old, in with the new. After all, my photography has changed… Read More