Ten years later, and this is me… (Back to basics)

Last week I celebrated my ten-year wedding anniversary and, as this has just occurred to me, nearly my ten-year photography anniversary. I know this because I returned from my honeymoon to a new job, working as a photographer’s assistant. This marked the beginning of my photography career.

I have achieved a lot in the ten years, not forgetting that I have been interrupted (delightfully so!) by the birth of my three lovely children. Needless to say, my photography business has stopped and started (although never for very long), sometimes just plodded. I’ve had to dip in and out, often neglecting my marketing and further training but always taking great care of the lovely people who came to have their photo taken, especially those who had been before.

Now, baby number 3 is settling down, I am getting myself back on track and taking the time for a closer look at my business. I had been finding it difficult to pinpoint my identity, in other words, work out what I liked – and was good at – shooting. What colours did I enjoy working with, and did I really like hanging newborn babies from tree branches or not? (More to the point, did the customers really want their baby hung from a tree branch…?) I’ve long worried about trying to be something I’m not because when you attempt something that just isn’t right for you, it shines through and looks forced. That’s the last thing which baby and family photography should be.

So, I talked to customers (and really listened) and trawled through the last few years of my work, and here it is – this is me. Simple, classic, relaxed and calm.