Tell me your wacky portrait ideas….and I just might do them for you

Sometimes photographs can look so effortless, don’t you think? These photos of my little one in the kitchen sink munching on strawberries just happened right? Well, not really. I had to run out to Waitrose, three children in tow, to buy the stawberries only to find they’d run out (whaaaat!), popped to Co-Op instead (phew!), cleared the surfaces of the kitchen (yeah, my kitchen doesn’t always look like this!), set up my lights, took a handful of test shots, took measures to ensure that my model wasn’t tired or hungry….and then I could get started. I know, it looks so sponteneous, LOL, but the truth is I’d been mulling it over for days.

Call to action

Sitting a baby in a bath of strawberries might not be everyone’s ‘thing’… what is your thing? I’d love to know. The more unusual the better. Bouncing on a trampoline wearing your wedding dress? Having a powdered paint fight with your best friend? Maybe even combine the powdered paint and the wedding dress? Perhaps you have the biggest shoe collection in the world….? or you just love making cakes? I think it would be really great to find out 😉