Pregnancy is the beginning of an exciting journey, when a woman becomes a mother, and a couple becomes a family. As a mother of two, Charlotte remembers the anticipation felt during pregnancy and seeks to capture this in her maternity portraits.

Charlotte’s pregnancy images are stunningly graceful, sensual and flattering; recording not just an amazing keepsake, but creating a striking work of art.

It is a wonderful experience, to be photographed just weeks away from due date, and then return to the studio with the new baby. Both mother and photographer really enjoy this, as it’s great to have struck up a relationship before baby comes along. Charlotte eagerly awaits meeting the newborn and hearing how mum is getting along, and mum feels so much more comfortable knowing that her photographer knows her and will take great care of her and baby.

Your body is a very personal subject so please understand that it is totally up to you how much you reveal – some women remove all clothing, some keep it all on – there is no right or wrong! Often, it’s down to how you feel on the day!