Newborn studio opens!

In August 2014 we began an extension on our home in Eversley, incorporating a purpose-built newborn studio for me – how amazing is that? Finally, the finishing touches have been made and I am open! Ready for business! Yes, that means an end to home visits but really, as the customer, you have EVERYTHING to gain from this.

new studio

Honestly, the room really has been designed with the newborn baby in mind. It is heated precisely to 25 degrees Celsius, the optimum temperature for a newborn without any clothes on. Soothing white noise is readily available, and will help to settle your new baby. The light is just perfect. The props are pristine, they haven’t been bashed around in my car on the way to you, and I have even more for you to choose from. There’s much more chance for you to influence the style of your photographs, picking from different colours and textures to create art which will really suit the look and feel of your home. Also highly important is the comfy sofa and help-yourself tea and biscuits available to the tired parents.

So, overall, having a studio enables me to work smarter and simply take better photographs in a really professional environment which I am so proud of.

The image below gives you an idea of the amount of equipment I take to customers’ homes for a newborn session. Actually, this is me travelling light. I so am thrilled that my beanbag, studio lights, backdrops, props and blankets now have a new home – a brand new, purpose-built, £25K newborn studio.

my kit

Come and see it!