My type of newborn baby photo session…

What is my type of newborn baby photo session? Well….you’ll notice I use subtle colours and simple patterns, simply because I think less is more, because I think that’s what looks best on the wall, and because it’s meant to be about the beautiful baby rather than the jazzy backdrops and pretty props. Recently, in the last year or so, I’m finding that’s what parents prefer and are asking for. I’ve experimented a great deal in the last ten years with my baby photography and I’ve arrived at a style which allows baby to stretch, kick around and be natural, but also shows off the hours of training and learning I’ve invested in, creating an image which you could never achieve yourselves. I know how to beautifully wrap a baby, how to place him beautifully in mum’s arms, how to pat and rock him to sleep, how to fold his hands perfectly under his chin…and so much more.

I allocate no more than three hours to the session because I want parents to leave with some strength left in them. I don’t want mummy feeling drained by the experience. It is not meant to be a battle or a test of endurance. Actually, you may even think three hours sounds like a long time, but I assure you it does fly. By the time baby has had a few feeds and cuddles (and we’ve had a cuppa and natter), you’ll wonder where the morning has gone!

I have a very gentle approach to the session, I want to do what baby wants to do and with my experience, I can usually grasp a pretty good idea of what exactly that is. If baby is sleeping very lightly, I will think very carefully about how I can get lots of different images without moving baby around too much. If baby is in a deep sleep, then I can storm ahead and move baby around to my heart’s content. Every baby is different – some are sleepy, some alert, some extra hungry – and actually, in the first few weeks of baby arriving, every day is different!
newborn photographer

I never make promises to parents about achieving particular shots because that is putting pressure on baby that I’d rather not have. Of course, at the beginning of the session, I’ll ask mum and dad which shots they’d ideally like to achieve, and I’ll formulate a rough plan in my head, but it often evolves depending on how baby is behaving. Above all, I always want parents to know that baby can do no wrong and nothing will pose a problem for me, I have a solution for everything.

My reviews say it better than I ever could:

“Charlotte took newborn photos of our son Luke and they are gorgeous! She booked enough time so the whole appointment was very relaxed and baby could eat and fall asleep on his own time. I was even able to pull out my book and read for a bit while she photographed Luke. Charlotte was always quick to respond via email and our CD of images arrived quickly after purchasing, which was wonderful as we’re using the photos for our birth announcement. We will definitely be contacting Charlotte again to take photos of our family. Highly recommend!”

“My 9-day old son Isaac and I met Charlotte to have some newborn photos taken of him. Charlotte made me feel totally at ease in the way she took care of Isaac throughout the shoot, she thought of every detail from ensuring the room was warm enough down to towels and muslins! My husband and I are thrilled with the results and would highly recommend her. Thank you Charlotte.”

“Been to see Charlotte multiple times with my 1st born including hiring her for his christening. She’s been so fantastic that this morning we had our 2nd newborn shoot for my youngest with her. She’s been amazing every time we have seen her. She managed to make me feel so at ease yet again this morning and we even managed to get some pictures including my very hyperactive toddler! Every experience with Charlotte has been stress free and so relaxed I will never go else where. Couldn’t recommend her enough! Thank you again Charlotte for helping calm the whole situation with Theo this morning. We cannot wait to see the pictures of Bear.”

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