Milk bath…

Introducing milk baths…..!

I’ve wanted to get this up and running for a while, and had done heaps of research on Pinterest…

I decided to submerge myself as a kind of test run – this way I could work out how much milk to use, how deep the water should be, what types of flowers to use, how the pregnant lady should lie, what angles work best for the photos…

Yup, a milk bath is exactly as it sounds. It creates a very ethereal portrait of a woman – the whiteness of the water enhances the shape of her body, and the colour of the flowers are really enhanced. It’s an unusual concept, but hey that’s why we like it right?


To complete the look, I enlisted the expertise of a local hair and makeup artist Melissa Clare who styled my hair and applied some natural makeup. This took over an hour and was a lovely experience. I was delighted with the result and looked the part to sit in a bath full of milk! The last thing you want to look is ordinary! 😉

Hair & makeup (optional) – £50
Outfit – size 8/10 maternity dress and lacey wraps etc available and included for free, otherwise customer provides own
Photo session – £80. flowers and milk included
Product – prints at £20 each
Overall spend – from £150