“I can never get it back!”

This week I booked a 1st Birthday Cake Smash photo session – these are popular at the moment. The mother of the little girl and I chatted via Facebook Messenger, she sounded so excited as we discussed props, colour schemes, outfit ideas etc…

and then she said the following –

“I wish I had looked into newborn photographers properly! I went with one a friend recommended and didn’t like photos at all but then I hardly paid much so I guess that’s why. The thing is, I can never get it back, and that’s why I want to get the first birthday photos just right.”

What a shame! Her comment really played on my mind, and so inspired this blog entry. A poor photo session is such a waste of time and money, as well as a waste of a moment that will never happen again. Newborns stay new for a very short time, 2 weeks old and they’ve changed so much, it’s therefore so important not to make a mistake when choosing a photographer.

Good stuff is expensive. It applies to anything on this planet – selecting a bottle of wine, buying a car, hiring a builder…

Good photography is pricey because it is NOT easy. A good photographer might make it look easy, but just you try taking the same photograph.

Don’t penny pinch. Whilst it’s important to keep a budget in mind, don’t sacrifice your professional baby photographs for the sake of £100 or so. Beautiful images are worth every pound.

newborn photography