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  • Pilates...perfect for mummies

  • "Everyone is the architect of their own happiness" - Joseph Pilates I love writing about the outdoors and wellbeing…so this was a super exciting shoot for me. Just my kind of thing. Yvette Tolson is a fellow mum-trepreneur, a Pilates instructor in my local area of Eversley, Hampshire. She needed some profile sho [...]
  • Grass isn't always greener...or is it?

  • Have you ever thought that if you could move, live somewhere else, you’d be happier? That’s a genuine question, I have no concept of how many of us out there harbour this notion. Are there many of us? Whilst I’m fairly content with the community and country I live in, I do get horrendously itchy feet now and [...]
  • How do you find working from home?

  • My experience of working from home, what's yours? – tips on how to stay happy and healthy Lots of us are working from home these days, attracted by the greater flexibility. In the UK there are 4.8 million freelancers, mostly home-based workers, making up a significant 15% of the workforce, and it’s more and mo [...]