About me

Hello, I’m Charlotte, this is me below, playing with my three children on holiday.

I take beautiful photographs of babies, children and families with as little fuss and intrusion as possible. I’m based in Eversley, Hampshire, on the borders of Berkshire and Surrey.

I’ve been a family photographer for 11 years, starting out as a photographer's assistant before setting up my own business. I have all the skills and experience to make your portraits look as natural as possible. I’m a real nature lover and an advocate for photographing families outdoors, where the children can throw sticks in a pond, collect pebbles, climb trees, and be free.

I do, however, like to keep the really little ones cosy and comfortable in my purpose-built baby studio at home, and I aim to photograph them as simply as possible.

While I adore taking photographs, it’s the people I meet who make it all so worthwhile. I’m a mum of three children (8,6 and 2) and so I have a real empathy with the families I meet. Every newborn baby which comes through the door takes my breath away, and I really do understand how mummy is feeling: tired, rather delicate, somewhat overwhelmed and utterly in LOVE. It feels like the other day that this was me, and I do everything to make her feel relaxed and special. I also know how to handle the delicate situation during a family shoot when a two-year old has a meltdown in the woods and doesn’t want his photo taken. That’s why people choose me to take their family photographs, because it’s not just about pressing the button on the camera. There’s so much more to it all.

What else about me would you like to know? As I said, I love the outdoors, it’s my happy place, and I try and incorporate it into my photo sessions as much as possible. As well as taking photographs, I love to write and I pride myself on my interesting and informative blog which focusses on photography, nature and wellbeing. I’m also the founder of a creative writers’ group which has become a therapeutic outlet for many. I love reading books, travelling to new places and a glass of wine on a Friday when I have worked really hard all week as a mum and photographer.