Monthly archives:February 2014

  • Wedding

  • Charlotte Broster, a wedding photographer in Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey, remembers exactly what it was like to be a bride (five years ago now), and therefore knows what a  a bride and groom expect from their wedding photography. While it's vital that a wedding photographer creates emotive and high quality wedding [...]
  • Baby Photography

  • Baby Photography   The next milestone after the birth of baby is around six months, when your little one is smiling lots and may be starting to sit up. It's a good idea to do this session in my studio where it's warm and we can get the most out of baby in a short amount of time. They can get very tired by havi [...]
  • Meet my mums - Nicola - her story part 1

  • Ever since I unveiled the big idea for my 'Mums' project a few weeks ago, I've had lots of interest and am compiling a long list of lovely ladies to photograph and get to know. This is the blurb I featured on my blog on Facebook page recently which inspired so many of you! In the meantime (as the sessions are be [...]